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NORTHWOOD (Indent. #4V4)

Lat: 47-43-27.24 Long: 097-35-25.52

Field Elevation: 1117

The Northwood Municipal Airport, Vince Field, is located one-half mile southwest of Northwood. In 1976, the city of Northwood and the townships of Avon, Grace, Lind, Logan Center, Loretta, Washington, Northwood, Pleasant View, Fairfield and Union formed the Northwood Municipal Airport Authority. It is a General Aviation 1 airport with a 3,160’ runway that was completely renovated in 1997. An overlay on the runway was complete in 2001 and a lighting project was completed in 2003. In 2004, the airport installed a PAPI system and a Beacon with tower. A municipal T-Hangar and taxiway was complete in 2006 and new snow removal equipment was purchased in 2007. The airport authority built an additional municipal hangar completed 2009.

Airport Authority Members and terms include (5 members, 5 year terms):

  • Rich Altendorf, member & airport manager (2023)
  • ____________ (2025)
  • Rick Meland (2026)
  • Gordon Hall (City Representative) (2022)
  • Mike Adams (2024)

Runway: 8-26 is a General Aviation I Runway 3160’ x 60’

Pattern: The traffic pattern is at 800' AGL (1917' MSL)

Traffic is left hand for runway 26 and right hand for runway 8.

Several aircraft may be in the pattern: from ultralights, to agricultural aircraft, to UND students and other flight training operations not all with radios.

Attendance: Monday - Saturday 8am to 5pm

Fuel: 100LL

Repairs: Major

Public Terminal Phone: YES

Manager: Rich Altendorf

Phone: 701-587-5171 (airport) or 701-587-6014 (home)

Unicom: 122.80


Lights: YES

Beacon: YES

Snow removal: Irregular – confirm

Elevation: 1117’ MSL

CTAF: 122.80

Flight Instruction

Private pilot, commercial, instrument and multi-engine ratings

Hangar Rental -

Flying Club - Sports Flying Inc.

Aerial Spray Application - Northwood Aero Spray at 587-5171


Aircraft maintenance

Complete details including distance calculator available at: