January 8, 2019
Mayor Gerald Uglem called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM at Northwood City Hall. Present for roll call were the following Council Members: Derrick Strand, Chad Lemay, Sarah Ferguson, Gordon Hall. Member absent were: Robert Heinrich and Jake Beckel. Staff present: City Auditor Shelly Radke, Clerk Gail Ducioame, Public Works Superintendent James Gorres, Officer Mark Pollert, and Officer Patrick Moreland. Public present was Robbie Lukens.
Hall moved, seconded by Ferguson to approve minutes for the regular council meeting from 12/11/18. Motion carried. 4/0.
Ferguson moved, seconded by Hall to receive and file the cash report. Motion carried. 4/0.
Mayor Uglem gave the floor to Mr. Lukens. Lukens addressed the Council members concerning the topic of the City streets. There was a discussion pertaining to the delay of the street project, inflation and interest increase, special assessment committee, and the main street initiative.
The Planning & Zoning commission recommends to the City Council to omit part of City ordinance chapter 6. The omitted sections recommended to be omitted are Article 7, 8, and 9
Ferguson moved, seconded by Hall that Articles 7, 8, and 9 of Chapter six of the revised ordinances of 2017 be repealed in their entirety. Motion carried. 4/0.
Radke submitted condensed minutes from the Red River Region Council meeting that was held on 12/11/18.
Ferguson addressed the Council with an overview of the Police Committee meeting and recommendations.
Radke addressed the Council concerning the state holidays.
Ferguson moved, seconded by Lemay to give the City employees back the 8 hours they used of their flex time to cover Christmas Eve, which is a State Holiday. Motion carried. 4/0.
Radke submitted the MRES designated representative update document to be sign by the Mayor.
Strand moved, seconded by Ferguson to approve Chad Lemay to be the designated MRES representative and Gordon Hall the alternate representative. Motion carried. 4/0.
Radke submitted the SAMs Number registration form to be signed by the Mayor.
Radke submitted the letter responding to the surprise landfill inspection as well as the MRES rate notification.
Hall moved, seconded by Strand to approve the 1st reading of Article 5 of Chapter 3 of the City Ordinances. Motion carried. 4/0.
Radke submitted the legal opinion, from the City Attorney, concerning the issue of the trees that were
planted in the City easement in the Northwood Horizon Home Development.
Gorres informed the Council the West Shop is in need of a new computer. Hall offered to donate a
Gorres addressed the Council for the need of OSHA approved first aid kits and strobe lights for the
City vehicles.
Pollert addressed the Council concerning the possible compensation for the Police Officers that have
to be on call.
Hall moved, seconded by Strand to approve ½ the flex rate for an 8-hour shift of on call for all Police
Officers. $68.00 per 8-hour shift or $34.00 per 4-hour shift on call. Motion carried. 4/0.
Pollert informed the Council the Police vehicle needs some work done. Uglem ask Pollert to research
the cost of a Police vehicle.
Pollert informed the Council the 2 winter Police jackets were ordered for the Officers. Also, the Police
Department dog kennel was recently destroyed by a stray dog.
There was a brief discussion pertaining to the North Dakota Fraternal order of Police. Pollert was
directed to obtain further information on the topic.
Hall moved, seconded by Ferguson to approve the testing of the City Siren quarterly during business
hours when City Hall is open starting on the 3rd Wednesday in March. Motion carried. 4/0.
Radke addressed the Council concerning moving the City Council regularly scheduled meeting back to
the 2nd Monday of each month.
Ferguson moved, seconded by Hall to move the regularly scheduled City Council meeting to the 2nd
Monday of each month starting February 11th. Motion carried. 4/0.
Hall moved, seconded by Strand to pay bills. Motion carried. 4/0.


-99613    99 MISSOURI RIVER99082.87
-99612    99 MISSOURI RIVER161.54
-99611   234 Cardmember Service770.65
-99610   234 Cardmember Service230.17
-99609   234 Cardmember Service1194.50
226120     2 ADVANCED BUSINESS532.41
226121    12 AMERIPRIDE LINEN478.49
226122    30 BORDER STATES2054.88
226123    31 BRAUN ELECTRIC4012.90
226124   477 Brudvik Law Office300.00
226125   241 City of Northwood8473.25
226126    43 COOL STUFF121.70
226127   998 NDWPCC0.00
226128   775 Grand Forks County Treasurer78.33
226130    76 JOHNSON PUBLISHING217.28
226132    77 JOSE SANCHEZ0.00
226133   493 Joyce Magnus28.36
226134    82 KRABBENHOFT302.34
226135    89 MELAND LUMBER554.28
226136   233 Millers Fresh Foods185.64
226137   111 ND SEWAGE PUMP & Lift Station Ser22200.00
226138   112 ND WATER USERS Association300.00
226139   911 Network/PCs RX159.00
226141   242 Northwood Plumbinb & Heating420.00
226142   141 ONE-CALL CONCEPTS4.25
226144   147 POLAR68.61
226145   304 SCOTT BULLERT61.04
226146   552 Skips Cenex1975.61
226147   178 SKIPS PETROLEUM304.09
226148   338 STONES MOBILE RADIO INC49.00
226149   227 VERIZON WIRELESS188.44
226150   124 NORTHWOOD AIRPORT12000.00
226152  1001 Family Institute P.C.500.00
226154  1002 Forx Radiator1732.15
226155   890 ND P.O.S.T.  Board100.00
226156   972 Newton Bonding50.00
226163   974 Mark Pollert47.93
226169   484 POST Board45.00
226170   998 NDWPCC75.00
226178   148 POSTMASTER169.96
226179    40 CENTURY LINK1092.51
226180   983 Century Link136.16
226183   239 East Central Regional Water Dist.7478.11
226184    66 GRAND FORKS UTILITY2339.84
226185   904 James Gorres258.00
226187   974 Mark Pollert42.01
226189    98 MINNKOTA POWER CO-12357.60
226190   480 ND Rural Water System Association155.00
226191   244 Nodak42.52
226192  1006 Pulses America Inc.23.38
226193   944 Visa87.10
-89743FIT             EFTPS1652.37
-89734FIT             EFTPS1440.20
-89732FIT             EFTPS994.97
-89731FIT             EFTPS1249.83
226102    10 ALVIN BOUCHER157.05
226103  1002 Jake Beckel332.46
226104    27 GAIL M. DUCIOAME413.45
226105    37 Sarah Ferguson332.46
226106    33 Gordon Hall332.46
2261071000   Robert Heinrich332.46
226108    50 Chad Lemay307.46
226109     9 JOYCE MAGNUS433.64
226110  1005 Patrick W. Moreland1066.11
226111  1003 Mark Pollert1059.48
226112    32 SHELLY K. RADKE36.94
226113     2 JOSE SANCHEZ1603.86
226114  1001 Derrick Strand332.46
226115    30 GERALD UGLEM664.92
226117HEALTH INS      BLUE CROSS OF ND8521.40
226118NDPERS          NDPERS4493.79
226157     5 SCOTT BULLERT788.29
226158    34 James Gorres1578.50
226159     4 KEVIN MASTRUD732.66
226160    31 SHELLY RADKE992.15
226161    14 SAM SPEAR1060.38
226164    27 GAIL M. DUCIOAME413.45
226165     9 JOYCE MAGNUS433.64
226166  1005 Patrick W. Moreland662.70
226167  1003 Mark Pollert1031.20
226168     2 JOSE SANCHEZ1540.18
226172     5 SCOTT BULLERT831.15
226173    34 James Gorres1338.08
226174     4 KEVIN MASTRUD668.14
226175    14 SAM SPEAR1056.32
226176    31 SHELLY RADKE684.97
226177     6 DARREN SHEGGERUD40.08



Meeting adjourned 8:24pm


_______________                     ________________

Mayor, Gerald Uglem                      Auditor, Shelly Radke


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