March 11, 2019
Mayor Gerald Uglem called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM at Northwood City Hall. Present for roll call were the following Council Members: Derrick Strand, Chad Lemay, Jake Beckel, Robert Heinrich, and Gordon Hall. Member absent was: Sarah Ferguson . Staff present: City Auditor Shelly Radke, and Clerk Gail Ducioame, Chief Mark Pollert, and Public Works Superintendent James Gorres. Public present Andy Schneider, Grand Forks County Sheriff.
Strand moved, seconded by Lemay to approve minutes for the regular council meeting from 2/11/19. Motion carried. 5/0.
Hall moved, seconded by Beckel to approve minutes for the Special Council minutes from 2/5/19. Motion carried. 5/0.
Heinrich moved, seconded by Lemay to pay the $21,400.00 to H&H Coatings out of the Emergency Fund (400). Motion carried. 5/0.
Strand moved, seconded by Beckel to receive and file the cash report. Motion carried. 5/0.
Grand Forks County Sheriff, Andy Schneider, was given the floor. Schneider expressed the Grand Forks Sheriff’s office is available to provide services the City of Northwood might have. The sheriff deputies are seeking to become more involved with surrounding communities.
There was a brief discussion concerning the funding of the Emergency Fund (400) and the Equipment Fund (450). The topic was tabled and sent to the Auditing/Personnel Committee for further discussion.
Hall moved, seconded by Strand to issue a check to the Northwood Public School in the amount that was overpaid. Motion carried. 5/0.
There was a discussion concerning the two complaints letters the City Council received. Radke was directed to respond to the complaints.
Radke was directed to update the current utility policy to include those who are placed on cash only accounts due to repeat NSF, be a cash only account for a minimum of 12 months. At this which they must submit a letter requesting to be removed from the cash only account.
Lemay address the Council members concerning the recommendations of the Police/Fire/Health Committee.
Lemay moved, seconded by Strand to approve the hiring of 2 flex Police Officers and scheduling them a maximum of 8, 8 hour shifts per month, between the 2 of them; to start the interview process for the flex officers on Monday 3/18/19 at 5:15pm; and also to have the flex officers pay their fees (if any) to become ND Post Board certified, after the officer has been employee for 6 months the City will reimburse that fee. Motion carried. 5/0.
There was a brief discussion concerning a policy on inclement weather. This topic was tabled and sent to the Auditing/Personnel Committee for further discussion.
There was a discussion concerning the city water supply, H&H Coatings recommendations, and the possibility of not using the water tower and getting the water supply directly from the reservoir. Radke was directed to contact Neil Breidenbach, representative of East Central Region Water District, and request he address the City Council with further information. Gorres was directed to obtain further information before the April Council meeting.
The City wide clean up days this year will be May 6th, 7th, and 8th with an open landfill day on Saturday May 11th from 9am to 4pm.
Radke was directed to compose a request letter to have a resident relocate the electric meter out of the garage and onto the outside of the house. Also, to ensure the City policy that states electric meters must be accessible be placed in the letter.
Radke was directed to advertise for 2 temporary full-time seasonal positions in the public works department starting as $10.00 per hour. Employment would be May through September.
In September 2019, Radke is directed to place a notice in the Gleaner stating there is to be no putting snow into the City streets once the plows have gone through, and penalties may be applied for violations.
Gorres address the Council informing them the shop vice is broken. The City needs to purchase a new vice ($275.00) as well as a 20-ton press ($190.00).
Radke was directed to submit the documentation for Chief Pollert to become a Notary.
Chief Pollert addressed the Council members with the Police activities for the Month of January and February. Chief Pollert has completed 6 hours of his shadowing hours.
There was a brief discussion pertaining to framing the Police Departments certifications.
There was a discussion on an ATV/Golf cart resolution. This topic was tabled and sent to the Police/Fire/Health Committee for further discussion.
There was a discussion pertaining to the Police officers and F.O.P. This Topic was tabled and sent to the Police/Fire/Health Committee for further discussion.
Chief Pollert addressed the Council concerning a thank you letter sent to the Police Department.
Hall moved, seconded by Strand to pay bills. Motion carried. 5/0.

-99601E    99 MISSOURI RIVER104204.81
-99600E    99 MISSOURI RIVER191.03
-99599E   234 Cardmember Service217.43
-99598E   234 Cardmember Service601.92
226345SC   148 POSTMASTER169.96
226363SC     2 ADVANCED BUSINESS400.00
226364SC   290 AE2S767.50
226365SC     6 Agvise Laboratories INC125.55
226366SC    12 AMERIPRIDE LINEN95.61
226367SC    19 BANK OF NORTH DAKOTA19949.12
226368SC   477 Brudvik Law Office1325.00
226369SC    42 CITIZENS INSURANCE27779.00
226370SC   241 City of Northwood15223.92
226371SC   239 East Central Regional Water Dist.8705.41
226372SC    66 GRAND FORKS UTILITY2243.41
226373SC    68 H&H COATINGS, INC.21400.00
226374SC    76 JOHNSON PUBLISHING464.26
226375SC    81 KOLENDA HEATING &1061.10
226376SC    82 KRABBENHOFT25.03
226377SC    89 MELAND LUMBER235.17
226379SC   233 Millers Fresh Foods91.20
226380SC    98 MINNKOTA POWER CO-13307.37
226381SC   288 MLGC10.75
226382SC   102 NAASTAD BROTHERS,525.00
226383SC   108 ND MUNICIPAL POWER204.00
226384SC   347 NDHC35.64
226385SC  1013 NDLTAP/UGPTI50.00
226386SC   242 Northwood Plumbinb & Heating2018.58
226387SC   147 POLAR68.61
226388SC   858 Ramkota Hotel94.00
226390SC   304 SCOTT BULLERT48.08
226391SC   176 SHEYENNE TOOLING &227.20
226392SC   552 Skips Cenex1203.67
226393SC   178 SKIPS PETROLEUM2550.53
226395SC   213 UGLEM NESS CO104.50
226396SC   227 VERIZON WIRELESS188.58
226397SC   229 WASTE MANAGEMENT410.80
226398SC  1016 Northwood Public School14162.29
226409SC    12 AMERIPRIDE LINEN418.93
226410SC    40 CENTURY LINK31.18
226411SC   983 Century Link876.24
226412SC   244 Nodak42.11
226413SC   858 Ramkota Hotel169.20
-89717PFIT             EFTPS987.03
-89716P  1003 Mark Pollert0.00
-89715PFIT             EFTPS1807.69
-89714PFIT             EFTPS806.97
-89713PFIT             EFTPS1786.74
-89711P  1003 Mark Pollert0.00
226346P    10 ALVIN BOUCHER157.45
226347P    27 GAIL M. DUCIOAME413.85
226348P     9 JOYCE MAGNUS434.04
226349P  1005 Patrick W. Moreland1393.75
226350P  1003 Mark Pollert1193.88
226351P    32 SHELLY K. RADKE36.94
226353PHEALTH INS      BLUE CROSS OF ND6855.20
226356PNDPERS          NDPERS3327.89
226357P     5 SCOTT BULLERT957.70
226358P    34 James Gorres1794.67
226359P  1006 Michele Gorres361.37
226360P     4 KEVIN MASTRUD1069.20
226361P    31 SHELLY RADKE940.26
226362P    14 SAM SPEAR1256.81
226399P    27 GAIL M. DUCIOAME413.85
226400P     9 JOYCE MAGNUS434.04
226401P  1005 Patrick W. Moreland979.82
226402P  1003 Mark Pollert1193.88
226403P     5 SCOTT BULLERT1104.99
226404P    34 James Gorres1551.77
226405P  1006 Michele Gorres243.25
226406P     4 KEVIN MASTRUD1006.69
226407P    31 SHELLY RADKE1063.18
226408P    14 SAM SPEAR1285.72



Meeting adjourned 8:27pm







_______________                       ________________

Mayor, Gerald Uglem                         Auditor, Shelly Radke


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