May 13, 2019
Mayor Gerald Uglem called the meeting to order at 7:01 PM at Northwood City Hall. Present for roll call were the following Council Members: Chad Lemay, Jake Beckel, Robert Heinrich, Sarah Ferguson, and Gordon Hall. Member absent was: Derrick Strand. Staff present: City Auditor Shelly Radke, Chief of Police Mark Pollert, and Public Works Superintendent James Gorres. Public present David Engen, Tom Engen, Becky Ault (Director of PSAP),and Shannon LaHaise (Center Supervisor of PSAP).
Mayor Uglem gave the floor to Becky Ault. She discussed an overview of PSAP as well as the following topics: the 2018, 2019, and planning of 2020 PSAP budget; the dispatch centers in the state; increase in calls for service and type of calls; the increase of annual fees by 3% ($120.00 annually increase); as well as an upcoming meeting that will explain in more detail different areas of PSAP.
Hall moved, seconded by Ferguson to approve minutes for the regular council meeting from 4/8/19, and minutes for the Equalization meeting from 4/8/19, minutes for the Special Council meeting from 4/23/19, and minutes for the Special Council meeting from 4/24/19 . Motion carried. 5/0.
Hall moved, seconded by Heinrich to receive and file the cash report. Motion carried. 5/0.
Hall moved, seconded by Ferguson to receive and file the approval of the permit # 19-2052 (Jake Beckel), #19-2053 (Brandon Young), and #19-2054 (Aaron Braun). Motion carried. 5/0.
There was a discussion concerning AE2S estimate for a new SCADA system for the water tower programming system and reservoir control system upgrade. Gorres will obtain an estimate from Braun’s Electric for the cost to the city to implement these system upgrades. Radke will contact Red River Region Council to see if there is anything they can assist with.
There was a discussion pertaining to Nathan Larson’s concern with his tenant’s delinquent utility account. Radke was directed to contact Larson and submit a copy of the Northwood City Ordinance that explains the landlord is responsible for all delinquent utility account their tenants do not pay.
Lemay moved, seconded by Heinrich to approve the re-zoning application submitted by Mark Abeln for the location at The Northeast quarter of the Northwest quarter of section 9, Township 149N, range 54W of the 5th principal meridian, Grand Forks County, State of North Dakota, Northwood subdivision of 1 lot and 1 block and contains 85,455 sq. ft. or 1.97 acres from Agriculture to Commercial. Motion carried. 5/0.
Beckel moved, seconded by Ferguson to approve The Gleaner as the Northwood City Official Newspaper. Motion carried. 5/0.
Hall moved, seconded by Beckel to approve the 4 recommendations of the Police/Fire/Health committee as presented and discussed pertaining to the ATV/Ranger/Golf Cart resolution, FOP for the City Police Officers, for the purchase of tourniquets and Narcan, and the City fireworks resolution. Motion carried. 5/0.
Beckel moved, seconded by Lemay to approve the 3 recommendations of the Auditing/Personnel committee as presented to fund the Equipment and Emergency Funds, an inclement weather policy, and a part time public works employee to drive the garbage truck and do meter readings at a rate of $17.00 per hour. Motion carried. 5/0.
Ferguson moved, seconded by Heinrich to approve the 3 recommendations of the Building/Grounds/Equipment committee as presented to allow Ms. Schonauer to hang light at the community center, to switch the City’s phone service from Century Link to MLGC, and to obtain cost to do a few experimental area streets with the recommendations of an experienced contractor and tile company. Motion carried. 5/0. Gorres will obtain the estimate prior to the next City Council meeting on 6/10/19.
Beckel moved, seconded by Lemay to approve the American Legion gaming site authorization application as well as the Northwood Fire Department gaming site authorizations applications for 2 locations. Motion carried. 5/0.
Lemay moved, seconded by Heinrich to approve Valley Lawn Care to park their equipment and fertilizer at the City West Shop. They must contact Gorres for exact location. They must continue as in the past to keep the weeds off the lot located at 4th Main Street. Motion carried. 5/0.
Beckel moved, seconded by Lemay to approve Melanie Todd’s application for a construction meter at 416 Main St., Troy Johnson’s applications for construction meters at 520 Doheny St. S., 507 Washington Ave, and 105 Berg St. N. on the stipulation that no one resides at the locations. Motion carried. 5/0.
Northwood Commercial Club requested that during Old Fashion Saturday Celebration, the Beer Gardens could be placed out front of the establishments rather than the back. Also, they inquired about drinking beer/wine in the streets during the street dance session from 6pm -10pm on Saturday. The City Council declined both the inquiries.
There was a discussion concerning the questions submitted by the Commercial Club to the council pertaining to the Old Fashion Saturday Celebration. Radke was directed to draft a document for the for the possible petting zoo.
Hall moved, seconded by Lemay to approve the Hut Bar’s License extension for 6/22/19 to the Community Center. Motion carried. 5/0.
Beckel moved, seconded by Hall to approve the renewal of the Neptune software and hardware maintenance that will cover 7/1/2019 through 6/30/2020 for a total cost of $1593.75. Motion carried. 5/0.
Hall moved, seconded by Ferguson to approve the proposal submitted by AE2S for the purchase of a Trimble R1 device and accessories for the GIS data mobile web editing/viewing system on the ESRI Server. The total cost of $3315.00 which includes the annual fee of $950.00. The annual fee may vary year to year. Motion carried. 5/0.
Hall moved, seconded by Lemay to pay Keith Cooper $17.00 per hour for the assistance driving the Garbage truck. Also approved was the rate of $17.00 per hour to the part time individual to be appointed the position of garbage truck driver and meter reader for the City. Motion carried.5/0.
Robert Heinrich resignation as a Ward 2 council member was tabled until June meeting.
Hall moved, seconded by Lemay to approve 2 dump truck loads of recycled asphalt for the Northwood Park District for the cart trail from tee box on hole #1 down the hill for a cost of $50.00. Motion carried. 5/0.
The wash out west of town topic was tabled until next meeting when further information can be obtained.
Gorres addressed the Council concerning the sewer line at the Fire Hall and in front of City Hall. Gorres will obtain estimates for the cost to repair and correct the issues with the sewer line before the next council meeting in June.
Lemay moved, seconded by Ferguson to allow Gorres to conduct the interview and hiring process for the Temporary full-time summer help as well as the part time garbage truck driver/meter reader position. Motion carried. 5/0.
The Commercial club’s request for road barricades during the celebration of Old Fashion Saturday was submitted and acknowledged by Gorres, they will be taken care of. To include the road by Old Depot Thursday evening and Saturday morning, Main Street Saturday morning, and Washington Ave from alley behind bar to Main Street Saturday morning.
Heinrich moved, seconded by Hall to approve Todd Erickson’s request to assist in placing a culvert. Erickson would cover the entire cost of the culvert and hook up material, the only cost on the City would be the material to cover the culvert and the man hours to do so. Motion carried. 5/0.
Gorres addressed the Council concerning the Backflow Bootcamp training he recently attended.
Chief Pollert addressed the Council concerning the process in which the police officer interviews are conducted.
Beckel moved, seconded by Hall to have a Deputy, the Northwood Chief of Police, a member from the Police/Fire/ Health committee, and a member from the Auditing/Personnel committee to conduct the interview of any Police Officers and make the recommendation to the City Council. Motion carried.5/0.
There was a discussion on what Chief Pollert may offer recruits for a salary to become a fulltime Police Officer with the City of the Northwood.
Beckel moved, seconded by Lemay to offer any new fulltime Police Officer a salary of $37,500.00 annually with a $2,500.00 sign on bonus, $1,250 at the time of sign on and $1,250.00 at the end of the 90 day probationary period, with a 2 year contract. If the contract is broken, the sign on bonus will be paid back to the City. Motion carried.5/0.
Chief Pollert addressed the Council on the possibility of contracting the Sheriff’s Department and disbanding the Northwood City Police Department. Chief Pollert will ask Andy Schneider to attend the next Council meeting to present information concerning a contract with the Sherriff’s Department. Chief Pollert will also submit to the Council a copy of the Larimore contract for reference.
Chief Pollert addressed the Council concerning the recent training he has been attending.
Mayor Uglem addressed the members concerning a possible space for the pre-school. Initially the current Police Department location was discussed but was quickly dismissed due to the fact there is no water or sewer in that space.
Hall moved, seconded by Beckel to pay bills. Motion carried. 5/0.

Hall moved, seconded by Beckel to pay bills. Motion carried. 5/0.


-99597E    99 MISSOURI RIVER86704.62
-99596E    99 MISSOURI RIVER151.38
-99595E   234 Cardmember Service479.96
226423SC   401 GAIL DUCIOAME170.52
226433SC     2 ADVANCED BUSINESS400.00
226434SC    12 AMERIPRIDE LINEN514.54
226435SC    31 BRAUN ELECTRIC2028.74
226436SC   241 City of Northwood10155.35
226437SC    43 COOL STUFF140.62
226438SC  1018 Dakota Country FRame & Gift Shop211.27
226440SC   239 East Central Regional Water Dist.7552.42
226441SC    55 FERGUSON Waterworks #25164043.80
226442SC   401 GAIL DUCIOAME27.73
226443SC    64 GLOBAL SAFETY149.00
226444SC    66 GRAND FORKS UTILITY2743.46
226445SC   872 James Gorres18.00
226446SC   904 James Gorres127.06
226447SC    76 JOHNSON PUBLISHING209.30
226448SC    82 KRABBENHOFT149.32
226449SC    89 MELAND LUMBER427.47
226450SC   233 Millers Fresh Foods139.69
226451SC   288 MLGC31.75
226452SC   369 MRES836.25
226453SC   124 NORTHWOOD AIRPORT9496.65
226454SC   276 Northwood Cemetery Assoc.4748.75
226455SC   275 Northwood Economic Development10884.72
226456SC   242 Northwood Plumbinb & Heating607.90
226457SC   147 POLAR68.61
226458SC   744 Railroad Management Company1824.00
226459SC   559 Riteway450.55
226460SC   895 Sam Spear51.63
226461SC   746 Shelly Radke312.40
226462SC   176 SHEYENNE TOOLING &733.76
226463SC   552 Skips Cenex972.52
226464SC   178 SKIPS PETROLEUM2640.61
226465SC   213 UGLEM NESS CO400.47
226466SC   218 US BANK84545.00
226467SC   227 VERIZON WIRELESS188.58
226469SC  1019 NDWPCC600.00
226482SC   134 NORTHWOOD PARK4181.16
226483SC    40 CENTURY LINK91.18
226484SC   983 Century Link868.46
226485SC    98 MINNKOTA POWER CO-11250.31
226486SC   244 Nodak42.42
226487SC   141 ONE-CALL CONCEPTS4.25
226488SC   405 Ramada Bismarck Hotel84.60
226489SC   858 Ramkota Hotel253.80
226490SC   944 Visa344.21
226491SC   148 POSTMASTER170.80
226492SC   239 East Central Regional Water Dist.11215.75
-89712PFIT             EFTPS896.46
-89710PFIT             EFTPS1455.60
-89709PMedicare        EFTPS70.84
-89708PFIT             EFTPS893.86
-89707PFIT             EFTPS1730.01
226414P    10 ALVIN BOUCHER157.45
226415P    27 GAIL M. DUCIOAME413.85
226416P     9 JOYCE MAGNUS434.04
226417P  1005 Patrick W. Moreland1131.26
226418P  1003 Mark Pollert1193.88
226419P    32 SHELLY K. RADKE36.94
226420PHEALTH INS      BLUE CROSS OF ND7537.10
226426PNDPERS          NDPERS3632.12
226427P     5 SCOTT BULLERT957.39
226428P    34 James Gorres1685.60
226429P  1006 Michele Gorres306.88
226430P    31 SHELLY RADKE940.03
226431P    14 SAM SPEAR1205.63
226432PSIT             OFFICE OF STATE TAX COMM646.01
226468P     4 KEVIN MASTRUD394.65
226470P    27 GAIL M. DUCIOAME413.85
226471P  1008 Cameron Davis157.26
226472P     9 JOYCE MAGNUS434.04
226473P  1005 Patrick W. Moreland1131.26
226474P  1003 Mark Pollert1193.88
226475P     5 SCOTT BULLERT911.42
226476P  1007 Richard Bjoralt194.52
226477P    34 James Gorres1479.10
226478P  1006 Michele Gorres142.96
226479P  1009 Roger Ostlie596.69
226480P    31 SHELLY RADKE1149.30
226481P    14 SAM SPEAR1580.48

Meeting adjourned 10:02pm
___________________                                          ___________________
Mayor, Gerald Uglem                                                     Auditor, Shelly Radke

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