July 8, 2019
Mayor Gerald Uglem called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM at Northwood City Community Center. Present for roll call were the following Council Members: Chad Lemay, Jake Beckel, Sarah Ferguson, Gordon Hall, and Derrick Strand (Via phone 7:15pm). Staff present: City Auditor Shelly Radke, Clerk Gail Ducioame, Chief of Police Mark Pollert, and Public Works Superintendent James Gorres. There were 19 members of the public present including Sheriff Andrew Schneider.
Mayor Uglem gave the floor to Sheriff Andrew Schneider. Sheriff Schneider addressed the members and public on why the decision was made to cancel the meeting to draft a proposed contract with the Sheriff’s Department for policing services after it was unanimously agreed upon at a previous meeting. There was discussion on the negative feed back the members received concerning the possibility of contracting with the Grand Forks Sheriff’s Department.
Sheriff Schneider stated he feels there may be misconceptions on the services the Sheriff’s Department would provide the City. Sheriff Schneider is willing to come and speak to the residents at a City meeting to answer questions they may have. Sheriff Schneider also explained the Sheriff’s Department will continue to help service the area no matter the decision the council makes concerning contracting with the Sheriff’s Department.
There was a discussion pertaining to the work cycle of the Sheriff’s Department, the size of office that would be needed, the possibility of the contract fluctuating, if the city were to move forward with the contract.
Radke was directed to schedule a meeting with Sheriff Andrew Schneider and the Police Committee to draft a proposed contract for policing service provided from the Grand Forks Sheriff’s Department for the City of Northwood. After the draft has been completed Radke was directed to schedule a Citywide meeting to allow the residence the opportunity to ask questions concerning the services the Sheriff’s Department could provide the City.
Ferguson asked Wendy Peterson if 208 Main Street, current location of Police Department, was her last option for a location for Little Learns Pre-School. Peterson stated it was.
There was an in-depth discussion concerning evicting the Police Department from 208 Main Street and allowing Little Learners to move into that location. The Council allowed the public to speak their opinion on the topic. There were a few residents that voiced their opinion on what a great service Little Learners is to the Community and the hopes that it would continue.
There was a discussion pertaining to the possibility of moving the Police Department into 15 N. Raymond Street, Skip’s Convenience store. Dave Segerholm is willing to ensure the building is secure at no cost to the City. Segerholm is also willing to cover renovations within reason.
There was a discussion on Little Learners moving into 208 Main Street. Wendy Peterson stated she would cover all cost to renovate the location to allow her to maintain her license with the State as a Pre-School. Peterson also stated she is willing to negotiate the cost of rent for the location as well as cover the expense to disconnects and hook ups to move the Police Department.
Peterson stated she would need to have Little Learners moved into 208 Main Street no later than August 1st, for this coming school year. Peterson stated her licensing lady for the pre-school has no problem approving this location. If they were able to move into that location Peterson stated she would like to stay for 10 to 15 years.
Beckel moved, seconded by Strand to determine an estimated cost to move the Police Department, estimated cost for renovations for the new location of the Police Department, as well as an estimated cost to have the new location completely functional for the Police Department. Have all information by 7/12/2019. Wendy Peterson will cover all expenses to renovate 208 Main Street. Rent for 208 Main Street will be negotiated at a Special Council Meeting to be held on 7/15/2019 where the lease will be completed. Motion carried. 3/2. Voting yes were Beckel, Ferguson, and Strand; Voting no were Lemay and Hall.
Hall moved, seconded by Ferguson to approve minutes for the Regular Council meeting from 6/10/19 and minutes for the Special Council meeting from 6/18/19. Motion carried. 5/0.
Hall moved, seconded by Strand to receive and file the cash report. Motion carried. 5/0.
Strand moved, seconded by Ferguson to receive and file the approval of the permit # 19-2058 (Gary & Janet
Bratlie), #19-2059 (Brian Twete), and # 19-2060 (Ebenezer Church) . Motion carried. 5/0.
City Forester was unable to attend the meeting and ask to be placed on the agenda sometime this spring. Beth
Johnson addressed the members concerning the missing tree in front of the Gleaner on Main Street. Gorres will
address this with Johnson.
Mayor Uglem addressed the members on the behalf of David Korsmo. The Community Bible Church is
requesting the assistance of the City in chip and sealing their parking lot.
Hall moved, seconded by Strand to approve the request to assist the Community Bible Church in chip and
sealing their parking lot. The City will invoice them a fee to cover the cost of materials, man hours, and
equipment. Motion carried. 4/1.
Ferguson moved, seconded by Beckel to extend the City Library’s lease at the Business Center for 12 more
months. Motion carried. 5/0.
Sarah moved, seconded by Hall to approve JoAnne Uglem as the Secretary of the City Library. Motion carried.
Hall moved, seconded by Ferguson to approve Lonnie Guenthner as the President of Planning and Zoning.
Motion carried. 5/0.
Strand moved, seconded by Ferguson to approve the recommendation of the Budget/Auditing Committee to
approve the Preliminary Budget of 2020 with the discussed corrections. Motion carried. 5/0.
Beckel moved, seconded by Ferguson to approve The Hut’s Beer Garden Permit. Motion carried. 5/0.
Beckel moved, seconded by Lemay to approve the Brass Rail’s License Extension Permit. Motion carried. 5/0.
Ferguson moved, seconded by Strand to approve the Special Assessment letter to be sent to Grand Forks
County as submitted. Motion carried. 5/0.
Gorres will address the trash can for the Pergola location.
Gorres will address the ant issue and the cracked concrete at the City Library.
There was a discussion concerning the complaint letter submitted by Hair Unlimited concerning her dumpster.
Gorres will address the issue and Radke will compose a response letter.
Radke was directed to send out the sign PSAP agreement.
Ferguson moved, seconded by Lemay to approve and sign the ND Department Chemistry Lab agreement.
Motion carried. 5/0.
Ferguson moved, seconded by Beckel to approve the Northwood Men’s Club Raffle Permit. Motion carried. 5/0.
Hall moved, seconded by Ferguson to approve the Construction Meter for Eugene Hannestad located at 307 S.
Main Street for 6 months. Motion carried. 5/0.
Radke was directed to compose a response to Annie Mercer’s complaint letter.
Council rejected the request by RVCDC to waive the reconnect fee of $100.00 for their property.
Hall moved, seconded by Ferguson to approve the 1st reading of the amended Fireworks Ordinance. Motion
carried. 5/0.
Gorres gave a brief overview of the activities of the Public Works Department. The intent is to chip and seal
Main Street before Old Fashion Celebration on July 24th.
Pollert addressed the Council with an overview of the Police Activity for June. Also, Pollert stated he is going
forward with the Police Officer interviews. Pollert explained the Police Vehicle’s converter was repaired. Pollert
notified the Council the Legion approve a $500.00 donation to the Police Deparmtent to cover the cost of the
Safe Kids bikes as well as the helmet citations.
Hall moved, seconded by Ferguson to increase Chief Mark Pollart’s annual salary $2080.00, to bring him to
$47080.00 annually to be effective 7/15/2019. Motion carried. 5/0.
Hall moved, seconded by Lemay to pay bills. Motion carried. 5/0.

-99591 E         99 MISSOURI RIVER                              56996.45

-99590 E         99 MISSOURI RIVER                                101.11

-99589 E        234 Cardmember Service                            585.13

226590 SC       239 East Central Regional Water Dist.            8742.08

226596 SC       290 AE2S                                         1246.25

226597 SC        12 AMERIPRIDE LINEN                              506.72

226598 SC       270 BLACKMOUNTAIN SOFTWARE                       3524.00

226599 SC        30 BORDER STATES                                3356.91

226600 SC        37 BUTLER MACHINERY                             9524.12

226601 SC       241 City of Northwood                            7618.54

226602 SC       958 GTACCESS, database Systems                     25.00

226603 SC      1024 Interstate Powersystems                      3868.61

226604 SC        75 JOHN DEERE FINANCIAL                          670.82

226605 SC        82 KRABBENHOFT                                   425.59

226606 SC        89 MELAND LUMBER                                 328.05

226608 SC       233 Millers Fresh Foods                           112.16

226609 SC        98 MINNKOTA POWER CO-                           6969.52

226610 SC       288 MLGC                                           36.00

226611 SC       266 ND Department Of Environmental Qu              60.00

226612 SC       289 Northwood Equity Elevator Co.                  90.80

226613 SC       147 POLAR                                          68.61

226614 SC       148 POSTMASTER                                    120.00

226615 SC       171 SANITATION PRODUCTS                          1282.75

226616 SC      1025 Sara Tezel                                    900.81

226617 SC       552 Skips Cenex                                  1714.72

226618 SC       213 UGLEM NESS CO                                  52.00

226619 SC       218 US BANK                                       450.00

226620 SC       227 VERIZON WIRELESS                              188.36

226622 SC       944 Visa                                          823.00

226623 SC       229 WASTE MANAGEMENT                              801.94

226635 SC        40 CENTURY LINK                                   92.60

226636 SC       983 Century Link                                  868.46

226637 SC      1027 Environment Systems Research Inst             950.00

226638 SC        55 FERGUSON Waterworks #2516                    1593.75

226639 SC      1026 Frontier Precision, Inc                      2408.00

226640 SC       244 Nodak                                          42.42

226641 SC       141 ONE-CALL CONCEPTS                              30.65

226650 SC       148 POSTMASTER                                    171.08

226651 SC       239 East Central Regional Water Dist.           10349.61



-89697 P     FIT             EFTPS                               1638.24

-89696 P     FIT             EFTPS                                453.98

-89695 P     FIT             EFTPS                               1525.18

226576 P         10 ALVIN BOUCHER                                 157.45

226577 P       1002 Jake Beckel                                   332.46

226578 P         27 GAIL M. DUCIOAME                              413.85

226579 P       1010 Charles Farrington                            345.39

226580 P         37 Sarah Ferguson                                332.46

226581 P         33 Gordon Hall                                   332.46

226582 P       1000 Robert Heinrich                               332.46

226583 P         50 Chad Lemay                                    307.46

226584 P       1003 Mark Pollert                                 1182.12

226585 P         32 SHELLY K. RADKE                                36.94

226586 P       1001 Derrick Strand                                332.46

226587 P         30 GERALD UGLEM                                  664.92

226588 P     DEFERRED COMP   NDPERS                               150.00

226589 P     HEALTH INS      BLUE CROSS OF ND                    5093.60

226593 P     AFLAC ACC – PRE AFLAC WORLDWIDE HEADQUAR             950.80

226594 P     LIFE INSURANCE  UNUM LIFE INSURANCE COMP             134.90

226595 P     NDPERS          NDPERS                              3806.85

226624 P          5 SCOTT BULLERT                                 906.32

226625 P       1011 Noah Bjerke                                   639.17

226626 P         34 James Gorres                                 1426.25

226627 P       1006 Michele Gorres                                394.18

226628 P         31 SHELLY RADKE                                  919.61

226629 P         14 SAM SPEAR                                    1210.10

226630 P       1004 Sara Tezel                                    243.80

226631 P         25 JOHN VASICEK                                  305.49

226632 P         27 GAIL M. DUCIOAME                              413.85

226633 P       1010 Charles Farrington                            361.09

226634 P       1003 Mark Pollert                                 1182.12

226642 P          5 SCOTT BULLERT                                 847.39

226643 P       1011 Noah Bjerke                                   621.75

226644 P         34 James Gorres                                 1429.55

226645 P       1006 Michele Gorres                                245.19

226646 P         31 SHELLY RADKE                                 1000.78

226647 P         14 SAM SPEAR                                    1113.09

226648 P         25 JOHN VASICEK                                  273.70


Meeting adjourned 9:10pm


___________________________                       ______________________________

Mayor, Gerald Uglem                                                         Auditor, Shelly Radke