May 11, 2020
Mayor Gerald Uglem called the phone conference meeting to order at 7:00 PM. Present for roll call were the following
Council Members: Jake Beckel, Derrick Strand, Noelle Broeren, Gordon Hall. Member Absent was Sarah Ferguson. Staff
present: City Auditor Shelly Radke, Utility Clerk Gail Ducioame, Chief of Police Mark Pollert, and Public Works
Superintendent James Gorres. Also present was Dennis Danzl.
Strand moved, seconded by Hall to approve minutes for the Regular Council meeting from 4/20/20, and the minutes for the
Equalization meeting from 4/20/2020. Motion carried. 4/0.
Strand moved, seconded by Beckel to receive and file the financial report. Motion carried. 4/0.
Hall moved, seconded by Beckel to receive and file all 9 Building Permits approved by the Planning & Zoning Commission.
Building Permits #20-2078 through #20-2086. Motion carried 4/0.
Hall moved, seconded by Broeren to appoint Ron Braun to replace Aaron Braun on the board of the Planning & Zoning
Commission. Motion carried. 4/0.
Hall moved, seconded by Strand to supply Pulses America a new transformer for their proposed truck scale, if the current
transformer, light pole, or anything else is needed to be removed it will be done so at the expense of Pulses America. The
request for the right of way can not be granted by the City. It is to be agreed upon by the landowner and Pulses America.
Motion carried. 4/0.
Strand moved, seconded by Broeren to approve The Gleaner as the Northwood City Official Newspaper. Motion carried. 4/0.
The topic of the water sprinkler meter was tabled until next Council meeting.
Broeren moved, seconded by Strand to approve Dennis Danzl’s Construction meter for 511 Main Street. Motion carried. 4/0.
Hall moved, seconded by Strand to disconnect utilities for those who violate the COVID-19 payment agreement, also to
disconnect residents if by June 1
st 2020 individuals have not submitted a COVID-19 payment agreement with City Hall.
Motion carried. 4/0.
Hall moved, seconded by Strand to postpone all Community Center rentals until Governor Burgum’s executive order on
public gatherings has been rescinded or amended. Motion carried. 4/0.
There was a discussion concerning the pergola and City park areas. Radke was directed to place a friendly reminder to the
residence the surfaces are not cleaned.
Strand moved, seconded by Hall to rent a John Deere tractor model 6155M from True North Equipment for the 2020/2021
winter with 250hours, 8 months for a total of $4222.50 to be paid out of the Equipment fund. Motion carried.
Stand moved, seconded by Beckel to approve the 3 Committee as a Whole recommendations. This motion was tabled until
the next Council meeting.
There was a discussion concerning Dennis Danzl’s curb stop for his 4 plex rental property. Danzl did not feel he should be
responsible for the repair cost of the curb stop; the curb stop was under the driveway of a neighboring property. Beckel and
Strand felt the same. Hall felt the City should follow the ordinance, Broeren agreed with the City Attorney’s opinion.
Beckel moved, seconded by Strand to have the City cover the cost of Danzl’s curb stop and removal and replacement of the
concrete due to the fact the owner was unable to maintain the curb stop because it was not located on his property. Motion
carried. 3/0 Broeren abstained.
Strand moved, seconded by Broeren to approve The Hut and The Brass Rail’s Beer Garden applications from todays date
until 9/1/2020. Motion carried. 4/0.
Hall moved, seconded by Broeren to approve the estimate of $2500.00 plus expenses from Missouri River Energy Service
(MRES) for a System Assessment for the City’s Electrical service. Motion carried. 3/0 Beckel abstained.
Chief Pollert addressed the Council concerning the May 2020 monthly Police Activity Report. There were 4 citations issued.
The squad car has been in for repairs. Chief Pollert explained the number of “Calls for Service” distributed by PSAP in Grand
Forks for Emerado, Thompson and Northwood. Chief Pollert requested the City ordinances be updated on the fine amounts
as well as the State laws.
Radke was directed to obtain an estimate on the cost to amend the City Ordinances concerning fines and State laws.
Gorres expressed to the members the sewer line in front of City Hall is tentatively scheduled for this Thursday and Friday.
Hall moved, seconded by Strand to hire seasonal summer help for Public Works starting wage of $12.00 with no benefits up
to 4 individuals. Motion carried. 4/0.
Radke submitted Insurance information to explain personal vehicle and City coverage. Also submitted was an email from
Becky Alt explaining in more detail when the SIRN radio update should take place and when to place it in the Cities budget.
Radke explained the 2021 budget is beginning.
Radke addressed the members concerning invoices that have been sent out which the City has heard no response from.
Council directed the invoices be sent out once again.
Radke informed the Council members of a tentative Special Council meeting scheduled for Wednesday May 13
th at 5:15pm.
The determining factor is the delivery of computer equipment to allow the capability of conference system. The agenda will
be sent out once the equipment is received.
Mayor Uglem explained under council concerns there was a late submission of a Gaming Site Authorization application.
Hall moved, seconded by Broeren to approve the Gaming Site Authorization application from the Northwood Fire
Department for the Brass Rail. Motion carried. 4/0.
Strand inquired about the free landfill day that was scheduled for Saturday 5/9/20. Gorres explained it was too wet. Gorres
explained there was a technical issue when trying to make a notice on the Northwood Facebook page. Gorres stated
contingent on the weather the landfill will be open Thursday 5/14/2020, 4pm-7pm, and Saturday 5/16/2020 , 9am-4pm, free
of charge to Northwood residents.
Hall asked about dirt bikes within City limits. There has been a few driving in the ditch close to his home. Chief Pollert
expressed he has spoken to a few individuals concerning their dirt bikes.
Hall moved, seconded by Strand to pay bills. Motion carried. 4/0.

-99555E    99 MISSOURI RIVER83686.13
-99554E    99 MISSOURI RIVER150.83
-99553E   234 Cardmember Service311.38
227441SC   239 East Central Regional Water Dist.8318.40
227461SC     2 ADVANCED BUSINESS414.10
227462SC    12 AMERIPRIDE LINEN668.64
227463SC    19 BANK OF NORTH DAKOTA20067.99
227464SC    31 BRAUN ELECTRIC1584.91
227465SC   983 Century Link160.24
227466SC  1059 Citizen State Bank of Finley559.69
227467SC   949 Citizens state bank293.94
227468SC   241 City of Northwood11092.02
227469SC  1082 Dawn Cox5.80
227470SC    47 DISPLAY SALES218.50
227471SC    64 GLOBAL SAFETY244.70
227472SC    66 GRAND FORKS UTILITY2075.60
227473SC    82 KRABBENHOFT242.52
227474SC  1079 Lawrence Moll2.97
227475SC    89 MELAND LUMBER95.87
227476SC   233 Millers Fresh Foods67.06
227477SC    98 MINNKOTA POWER CO-11189.94
227478SC    99 MISSOURI RIVER838.00
227479SC   102 NAASTAD BROTHERS,2120.00
227480SC   111 ND SEWAGE PUMP & Lift Station Ser36000.00
227481SC   244 Nodak42.32
227482SC   124 NORTHWOOD AIRPORT9793.82
227483SC   276 Northwood Cemetery Assoc.4897.28
227484SC   275 Northwood Economic Development14732.24
227485SC   242 Northwood Plumbinb & Heating196.19
227486SC   147 POLAR642.79
227487SC  1081 Rachel Fenhaus95.75
227488SC   744 Railroad Management Company2006.40
227489SC  1080 Randy Bilden56.02
227490SC   552 Skips Cenex952.57
227491SC   213 Titan Machinery Inc.848.98
227492SC   218 US BANK83791.25
227493SC   227 VERIZON WIRELESS228.99
227494SC   225 VALLEY LAWN CARE247.00
227496SC   134 NORTHWOOD PARK4388.38
227497SC   148 POSTMASTER173.57
-89635PFIT             EFTPS634.74
-89632PFIT             EFTPS1820.35
-89631PFIT             EFTPS797.77
-89630PFIT             EFTPS2293.22
227428P    10 ALVIN BOUCHER157.48
227429P    27 GAIL M. DUCIOAME421.38
227430P  1008 Cameron Davis693.77
227431P  1014 Connie Larson64.64
227432P  1015 Connie M. Larson36.94
227433P  1003 Mark Pollert1263.00
227434P    32 SHELLY K. RADKE36.94
227435P  1004 Sara Tezel69.26
227439PNDPERS          NDPERS3227.21
227440PHEALTH INS      BLUE CROSS OF ND6344.90
227441P     5 SCOTT BULLERT930.88
227442P    34 James Gorres1478.99
227443P  1006 Michele Gorres405.67
227444P1000   Robert Heinrich1138.15
227445P31     SHELLY RADKE1236.26
227446P    14 SAM SPEAR917.13
227449P    27 GAIL M. DUCIOAME421.38
227450P  1008 Cameron Davis1299.05
227451P  1003 Mark Pollert1263.00
227452P  1004 Sara Tezel69.26
227454P     5 SCOTT BULLERT1340.53
227455P    34 James Gorres1906.79
227456P  1006 Michele Gorres466.78
227457P1000   Robert Heinrich1374.41
227458P31     SHELLY RADKE1222.47
227459P    14 SAM SPEAR1198.57
227495PSIT             OFFICE OF STATE TAX COMM595.77

Meeting adjourned 9:02pm

________________                     ________________

Mayor, Gerald Uglem                          Auditor, Shelly Radke