Friday, March 20, 2020
President of Council, Gordon Hall called the meeting to order at 12:09 PM at Northwood City Hall.
Present for roll call were the following Council Members: Gordon Hall, Derrick Strand, Noelle Broeren
and Sarah Ferguson (Via Phone) . Council members absent were: Mayor Gerald Uglem and Jake Beckel.
Staff present: Auditor Shelly Radke, Utility Clerk Michele Gorres, Dave Korsmo, Nate Larson, Bob
Wallace, and Denis Danzl.
The floor was given to Dave Korsmo, President of Northwood Economic Development Foundation
(NEDF). Korsmo addressed the members concerning the ½% sales tax dedicated to the NEDF. Korsmo
stated these funds are essential to the Foundation to run.
Korsmo explained why the NEDF exists and what NEDF does for the City. He also described some of the
assistance they have done to assist local businesses. Korsmo listed all members NEDF names.
Bob Wallace addressed the members concerning ballot measures pertaining to the NEDF.
Strand moved, seconded by Broeren to approve the 2020 Election Ballot items as discussed. Motion
carried. 4/0. The items that will be on the ballot are removal of the ward system and to increase the sales
tax by 1% for street improvements.
Strand moved, seconded by Broeren to declare a Declaration of Emergency pertaining to the COVID-19
pandemic. Motion carried. 4/0.
Radke addressed to the Council a concern for the residence during the COVID-19 pandemic pertaining to
waiving fees and not disconnect utilities, work with residents.
Dennis Danzl addressed the members concerning his responsibility for his tenant’s delinquent utility bills
during the COVID-19 pandemic. Danzl stated “I cannot assume other people’s debt during this time”.
Pursuant to the City’s Ordinance all property owners are responsible for delinquent utility bills on their
The City’s utility ordinance will be discussed at the next City Council meeting.
There was a discussion concerning a temporary solution to help assist our City residents in this
unprecedented time.
Strand moved, seconded by Broeren to waive any late fees and also to waive any disconnections from
now (3/20/20) until the April 20th City Council meeting. Motion carried. 4/0.
Adjourned at 1:34PM
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President of Council, Gordon Hall              Auditor, Shelly Radke