Wednesday, May 20, 2020
Mayor Gerald Uglem called the phone conference meeting to order at 5:15 PM. Present for rollcall were the
following Council Members: Gordon Hall, Jake Beckel, Noelle Broeren, and Derrick Strand (5:17pm). Council
member absent was: Sarah Ferguson. Staff present: Auditor Shelly Radke, Utility Clerk Gail Ducioame,
Superintendent of Public Works Jim Gorres, City Attorney Cassie Tostenson, City Engineers Jim Olson and Jarda
Solc. Public present Stephanie Ostlie
Hall moved, seconded by Beckel to approve the Bond for the City Auditor by Resolution for 25% (NDCC 40-13-02)
of $1,855,899.69, which is $463,974.92. Motion carried. 3/0. Roll call vote: Beckel-Aye, Broeren-Aye, Hall- Aye.
Strand moved, seconded by Hall to establish a general utility deposit for City utilities, to have that utility deposit
increased to $350.00 for all new accounts. Motion carried. 4/0.
Strand moved, seconded by Beckel to amend the City Ordinance to state anything over the deposit on delinquent
utility accounts will be split 50/50 between the landlord and the City, instead of assessing the total fee to the
landlord’s property. If landlord requests to not disconnect the utilities due to lack of payment, then the landlord must
pay the bill in full before the disconnect date. There will be no payment agreements between the City and any rental
property, the City will only allow payment agreements with privately owned properties. Motion carried 3/1. Strand,
Beckel, &Hall –Aye, Broeren-Nay.
Strand moved, seconded by Beckel to amend the City Ordinance to state if there are delinquent utility accounts that
are disconnected due to lack of payment and the tenant moves out the $100.00 reconnect fee that was assessed to the
tenant will be waived before the landlord/City responsibility occurs. Motion carried. 4/0.
Mayor Uglem gave Stephanie Ostlie the opportunity to speak to the members. Ostlie had no comments.
City Attorney Cassie Tostenson stated the Street Drainage Issues in Horizon Addition maybe held in executive
session pursuant to N.D.C.C. § 44-04-19.1. The purpose of the executive session is to consult with the city’s legal
Hall moved, seconded by Strand to move into executive session. Motion carried. 4/0. Hall-Aye, Beckel-Aye, StrandAye, Broeren-Aye.
The estimated time the executive session will need is thirty(30) minutes. The Public left the open session at 5:31pm.
Let the minutes show the executive session ended at 5:58pm. The public was invited back to the telephonic open
meeting session. Open meeting session resumed at 6:03pm.
Strand moved, seconded by Broeren to have the City of Northwood take ownership of Parkway Lane East of the
Northwood Horizon Homes Development. Motion carried. 3/1. Roll call vote: Beckel-Aye, Strand-Aye, BroerenAye, Hall-Nay.
Hall moved, seconded by Strand to adjourn the meeting. Motion carried. 4/0.
Adjourned at 6:08PM
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Mayor, Gerald Uglem            Auditor, Shelly Radke